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Monday 25th April 2022


Ladies Charity Cup Success!!!

Monday 6th September 2021

On Saturday 4th September, A & L hosted the Preston & District Ladies Charity Cup and we are thrilled to report that the event was a huge success. The Ashton & Lea ladies played really well and won the team of 12 and the team of 4. Jeanette Smith won the best gross score and Pat Horn recorded the 2nd best nett score. Congratulations to all the team, Jeanette Smith, Gill Smith, Jacqui Bennett, Janet Ollerenshaw, Karen Whiteside, Andrea Kershaw, Donna Dadsby, Sabina Hughes, Alison Wake, Dee Duxbury, Pat Horn, Cathy Widdows. Proceedings ran smoothly and the visiting ladies commented positively about the course, the friendly welcome and the organisation.

Dress Code

Monday 1st June 2020

As we are having a nice spell of weather, the normal yearly issues occur with dress code. To save any confrontations in the pro shop or first tee i'm asking you to conform to the following dress code. 1. Golf Shirts must have a collar 2. Golf Shirts must be tucked into the pant/short at all times. 3. Gents shorts must be tailored and not have extra pockets sown on i.e No cargo shorts. 4. Golf shoes must be warn. 5. No tracksuit/jogger bottoms Golfers who don't adhere to the dress code will not be allowed to tee off.



Ladies and loyal supporters at Ashton & Lea Golf Club:

Have you heard the news📣? 

We did it!

Lady Captain, Mr Captain and their faithful followers👯 21.9 miles in 8-8.30 hours on Sunday 4th August.

The weather was kind for most of the day, reasonable temperature with a slight cooling breeze, perfect conditions for us well trained athletes🏌🏋

Our backpacks were full of energy snacks and plenty of fluid (water mostly but I heard tell there was gin in them there bags Jo & Linda?🍸.   Thanks to Carl for keeping those 2 in line!

It was open house at Jeanette and Ray's, with neighborhood watch on guard who soon spotted Sabina and Fi were a bit dodgy and stepped in to make a citizens arrest! 

Thanks for the snacks and drinks😍, they were so good.  LVC cycled the route 2.5 times to get extra🍻🍿as well as a toaster but I will get that back for you Jeanette!  

Matt came out to support us on his bike but was overconfident and took his stabilizers off and came a cropper!  Although he removed a layer of skin in the fall he is fine, though I'm sure if there are any Florence Nightingale😷  volunteers out there Donna will be thankful of some respite care.  

Jane and Brian met us halfway in the forest offering shiny read apples and nectarines, but thankfully not wearing a suspicious black cape! Thanks 🍎.  Jane definitely drew the line at giving Mr Captain's groin a soothing rub!

Thanks LVC for the geeing us on at Avenham when we were worried we may not reach the Conti!

We made strategic pits stops to refuel at Asda and the Continental, guess which one was my favourite fuel?  The Conti beer garden proved fruitful for the donation bucket😄.

So onto the final 5 miles; the weather broke, we had torrential rain☔, thunder📣 & lightning 🌩.  Good thing Sheila V was tucked up safe at home.

Finally we reached the promised land🎯, dripping wet but triumphant 🏅to be met by our welcome committee 🎎 and resident David Bailey 📸.

Thanks to Steve, brilliant job, check out the website for fabulous pictures.

Throughout it all the Whatsapp 🕊 support group were full of encouragement and kept us going, alongside the usual performance enhancing drugs - paracetamol, ibuprofen, pork pie and gin!

I hope I haven't missed anyone in dispatches so massive thanks to all our supporters in person, spirit and sponsorship for getting us through😍. 

Ashton & Lea is 🎲

Love Helen X 

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