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Top Tracer Driving Range Open to the Public

Wednesday 12th June 2024

The range comprises 14 floodlit bays (9 covered Toptracer bays and 5 none Toptracer bays in the open), and a target area that will cater for the 300+yd "big-hitters".

Lady Captain Skydive for Charity

Thursday 4th April 2024

My 'piece de resistance' for the year will be a tandem skydive on Friday 6th September with the Black Knights at Cockerham. This is sure to test my aerodynamic skills and structural health....

Ashton and Lea (A&L) Golf Club

Ladies ‘Get into Golf’ Pathway 2024

Taking your first steps towards playing golf

Taster Sessions

These will be held on:  Sunday 24th March 2024 at 3pm- 4.30pm & Tuesday 26th March 2024 at 5pm- 6.30pm

Stage 1 : On The Driving Range

5 Group Lessons with both:

  • Gary Edge, PGA Coach and A & L Driving Range Manager
  • Dan Clark, PGA Professional and A&L Pro Shop Manager

Gary and Dan will teach you the basics of your golf swing, chipping and putting.

A&L lady member ‘buddies’ will be supporting you all the way on your learning to play golf journey.

£60 for 5 x 1 hour lessons.

Free range balls provided for lessons.

Golf clubs available to borrow for the lessons.

Wear comfortable clothes and trainers.

Dates and Times:

Group lessons will be held on a Tuesday evenings with sessions at 5pm, 6.15pm and 7.30pm. If lessons on a Tuesday become full or are inconvenient for the new ladies then lessons on other days will be introduced.

Tuesdays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th April.

There will be a maximum of 8 people in each session.

A free ‘catchup’ week for ladies who have missed a lesson will be held on 7th May.

At the end of Stage 1 there will be a fun team competition on  Sunday afternoon 28th April, 3pm – 5pm

Stage 2 : Introduction to the Course

5 Lessons with both Professionals Dan and Gary, including a fun introduction to playing on the course.

£60 for 5 x 1 hour lessons

‘Buddies’ will support you during the lessons on the course, helping you to learn rules and etiquette

Dates: Tuesdays 14th, 21st, 28th May & 4th, 11th June.

Times: 3 sessions at 5pm, 6.15pm and 7.30pm

A free ‘catch-up’ week for ladies who have missed a lesson will be held on Tuesday 18th June.

A social meeting will be held at the end Stage 2 on  Sunday 23rd June, 3.30pm – 5.30pm to enable all to meet as one group. Information on rules, etiquette and dress code will be provided.

Stage 3 : Trial Membership or Continue with Lessons

At stage 3 there are 2 options depending on individual requirements and recognising the different rates of progress:

Stage 3A: 3 months Trial Membership

Three-month nine-hole membership

Price £150

(Further reductions are available for ages up to 33 years)

Commences 1st July 2024 (You may continue to play for free between end Stage 2 in June and the beginning of Stage 3 1st July) or if you wish to continue lessons for a while (stage 3B) you can join Stage 3A on the 1st day of any month going forward.

Opportunity to play social golf with each other and with lady member ‘buddies’.

Stage 3B: Continue with Lessons

Ongoing group lessons or individual private lessons to meet individuals’ requirements.

End Stage 3 Texas Scramble and ‘Graduation’ for All 2024 GiGLs (Get into Golf Ladies)

A team Texas Scramble competition for all ladies, at all stages of learning, will take place at the end of Stage 3 on  Saturday 14th September 2024 from 2.40pm

A ‘Graduation’ and Presentation will be held after the Texas Scramble. The winning teams will be presented with their prizes and every member of the Get into Golf Programme will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement.

Stage 4 : Full Membership

Sign up for 12-month membership when you have finished Stage 3, only pay for 9 (that’s 3 months free!). Full memberships can start at the of any month.

Cost £874 (New member full price £1165) - Further reductions are available for ages up to 33.

  • New member                          £1165 (£874)
  • Full member                           £1265
  • New member (Couples)       £2280
  • Age 18                                     £195 (£146)
  • Age 19                                     £260 (£195)
  • Age 20                                     £315 (£236)
  • Age 21                                     £375 (£281)
  • Age 22                                     £450 (£338)
  • Age 23                                     £630 (£472)
  • Age 24-29                                £720 (£540)
  • Age 30                                     £775 (£581)
  • Age 31                                     £890 (£668)
  • Age 32                                     £1010 (£758)
  • Age 33                                     £1130 (£848)

For more information please contact:

  • Fiona Mairs - 07969 761939
  • Sue Mercer - 07931 442091
  • Club Office - 01772 735282 

Testimonials – Ashton and Lea Golf Club 2022 Ladies Get into Golf

Joining the ‘Get into Golf’ programme is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done. Having always worked in a male dominated environment, I’d never been around groups of women before. I was unsure of what to expect but need not have worried. What a fabulous bunch of women the full time members were. They were so inclusive, supportive and encouraging to the ‘Get into Golf’ group, regardless of our varying golfing abilities. 

They have been so generous with their time and golf knowledge, putting on events, training sessions and competitions for us to take part in. The lady vice captain set up a WhatsApp group so that all the ‘Get into Golf’ women could keep in touch with each other and arrange rounds of golf and driving range sessions. 

I can’t recommend the programme enough, for any women who want to learn a new skill, make some great friends and have fun.

Paula  8/11/2022

I’ve lived next to the golf course for 5 years and always been worried about going up on my own. GIG programme introduced me to this amazing sport and my local club.  

I’ve surprised myself at my improvement throughout the programme and am truly grateful for the support from the club. 

As well as an introduction to the world of golf, it’s also enabled me to make some amazing friends and expand my social circle. I can’t thank the team enough for everything they’ve done for us throughout the programme

Lucy  10/11/2022

The Ashton & Lea Ladies Get into Golf programme was a great introduction to golf.  The standard of coaching we received was excellent and the support we got from all the ladies section helped us take the skills we learnt on the driving range into course play.  The ladies have been so welcoming and even put on a fun competition and 'Graduation'  to celebrate the end of our GIG journey.  I cannot imagine my life without golf now and would thoroughly recommend this programme to anyone wishing to start playing.

Shiva  15/11/2022

Golf clubs can often be exclusive and cliquey places where it’s difficult to penetrate without a fat chequebook, and “useful” social connections. Improving Golf skills often seems secondary to the business and networking benefits. Breaking into such an environment can often seem impossible for a novice golfer with shallow pockets and aspirations simply to learn to play, especially for those who are female.

Ashton and Lea recently facilitated the ambitions of a group of women, of various ages, and backgrounds, through their very successful Get into Golf scheme.

The relaxed introductory session, which allowed women to try out the clubs practice facilities, was conducted in a very friendly and professional manner. Everyone, irrespective of ability and potential was supported to feel welcome and part of the group.

The five subsequent lessons with Golf professional Lora Fairclough were conducted in a similar vein enabling participants to participate in a supportive atmosphere alongside developing their burgeoning golf skills. The competitive price of the sessions and the free availability of golf equipment was also a factor in encouraging people to “have a go” and take things further.  The transition to the course can be a daunting experience but the stage two 3 hole on-course sessions enabled us to test out our new skills in a safe and supportive environment. we had no worries about holding up more experienced players of feeling foolish in front of them as the organisers had ensured we had the necessary time on the course without this pressure.

For me, one of the biggest bonuses has been the 3-month 9-hole membership. As a new player I am pretty tired by the time I have hit my 70-75 shots around the first nine holes. Paying a full membership, and finding four hours + to play 18 holes on the course whilst still getting to grips with the basics would have probably put me off signing up. The nine hole initiative has helped to bridge this. 

Inevitably, when taking such a large group of people through a training programme such as this there will be some who speed through, and others who take longer to learn, or through individual circumstances have to miss some sessions and fall behind. The ladies at Ashton and Lea have been extremely supportive and proactive about ensuring that no one feels they have failed and everyone feels included. They have maintained contact with all participants irrespective of ability and potential- ensuring at all times that individuals are enjoying their game and extending the hand of friendship to help people feel part of the Ashton and Lea family. I have been extremely humbled by the welcome and the efforts made by the ladies at the club to make the Get into Golf scheme a resounding success.

Anne  12/11/2022

The get into golf programme has been absolutely amazing.  I’ve tried to get into golf a couple of times but it didn’t work for me.  However the fact there has been a large group of us all learning together has been ideal.  The support given to us by Carole and other lady members has been second to none. I am now addicted to golf and love the game and the social aspects that goes with it.  Thanks So much.

Jill  15/11/2022

I would like to thank Ashton and Lea Golf Club for giving me the opportunity to learn a new sport and meet with a supportive group of like-minded women, through their Get into Golf Pathway for ladies. From the taster day, through the two stages of lessons, I felt supported and encouraged to achieve my potential. The club have also adapted their pathway to accommodate the varying abilities of the ladies. Those not ready for the nine- hole membership have been able to continue lessons in the knowledge that the offer will still be available next Spring.

Many thanks to the lady “buddies” who were on hand to offer advice and encouragement in all weathers. Finally a big thank you to the Club President who gave up his Sunday afternoon to present us with our course certificates.

Edwina  15/11/2022

In recognition of the superb get into golf initiative for ladies (GiGL) that has been run by Ashton and Lea Golf Club this year, I would like to thank all the mentors, members and staff for being so welcoming and encouraging to both myself and the rest of the ladies who have taken part.

The scheme started with a practical, fun and friendly golfing experience. An enjoyable afternoon spent at the golf club, being introduced to hitting the golf ball, chipping and putting, meeting the mentors and afternoon tea. This pulled us in and many of us signed up to stage one, a series of lessons with a lady pro -- Lora Fairclough, how cool was that - how could we not move onto stage 2 - playing the course?

The scheme was well thought out from the start with progress through the scheme being clear. Being split into obvious stages along with sensible costing for each stage, ensured that it was affordable and I was always keen to move to the next stage.

However, the main strength of the scheme has come from the drive and determination by the organisers to keep the momentum of the scheme going. By continually looking at ways to improve and adapt the scheme they have allowed all of us to move forward at our own speed, always ensuring we were sufficiently challenged to improve our game and take part in the social aspect of the club.

The friendships that have been formed by the GiG ladies along the way have been great and will be long lasting. Every club member and member of staff have been encouraging, welcoming, friendly and supportive, towards us GIG ladies, many offering items for us to use and chances to play with them. 

Many thanks again to Ashton and Lea Golf Club for the opportunity to 'get into golf'. It was something that I have wanted to do for a while and had actually tried last year with my husband as my 'coach' Haha. To have had the supportive environment to give it a proper go has been exceptional, well-done Ashton and Lea Golf Club for a superb scheme and I hope to continue my golfing journey with the club.

Charlotte  21/11/2022

"What a great programme the 'Get into golf pathway' is for Ladies to learn how to play golf at their own pace, whilst being fully supported and encouraged by the golf professionals, lady members "our buddies" both on & off the course, the club and its members.   

It is also very rewarding socially, having a new group of friends, playing in fun competitions, getting out in the fresh air and increasing our fitness levels." 

Laurie  27/11/2022

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