Gents Open Competition 23.09.18

1st Place - M. Blanche, J . Beck, K. Skeritt & A. Cookson (87 Points £90.00 per person) 

2nd Place - N. Murphy, D. Hull, N. Taylor & B. Rice (86 Points £70.00 per person) 

3rd Place- D. Fairclough, D. Hull, N Taylor & B. Rice ( 85 Points A.C.P.O £30.00 per person) 

4th Place- M. Cairns, Captain, M. Baron & E. Marginson ( 85 points A.C.P.O £30.00 per person)

6x Titleist Velocity Balls 

Ashton & Lea would like to thank everyone for taking part in the competition and would like to congratulate all the winners.