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Ladies Charity Cup Success!!!

Monday 6th September 2021

On Saturday 4th September, A & L hosted the Preston & District Ladies Charity Cup and we are thrilled to report that the event was a huge success. The Ashton & Lea ladies played really well and won the team of 12 and the team of 4. Jeanette Smith won the best gross score and Pat Horn recorded the 2nd best nett score. Congratulations to all the team, Jeanette Smith, Gill Smith, Jacqui Bennett, Janet Ollerenshaw, Karen Whiteside, Andrea Kershaw, Donna Dadsby, Sabina Hughes, Alison Wake, Dee Duxbury, Pat Horn, Cathy Widdows. Proceedings ran smoothly and the visiting ladies commented positively about the course, the friendly welcome and the organisation.

Covid Procedures Updated.

Thursday 13th May 2021


Driving Range Closing at 7pm Wednesday 31st March for work maintenance

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Seniors Newsletter

Seniors Newsletter

Apologies for being much longer than normal but some catching up to do

As the saying goes it’s been a funny old year with Covid 19 severely disrupting our programme. When lockdown forced the closure of all facilities it was a huge blow for members, missing out on their favourite pastime and what a huge relief it was when the Government gave the green light to reopen. As you all know the green staff were kept in employment during the closure period and when the facilities reopened members returned to a course in magnificent condition and this high standard has been maintained throughout the season. So our first vote of thanks goes to the green staff. Our second vote of appreciation goes to the Club management for firstly introducing the booking on system for casual golf via Brs thereby creating a very structured player flow throughout each day. Secondly we should recognise the process put in place to ensure the highest level of safety to the members. And we also recognise the continuing efforts of all Club and Catering staff to ensure that all guidelines are in place and adhered to.

On our programme side and as mentioned by Jimmy Caldwell in his email we have managed to complete virtually the whole of our Summer events. This has been achieved through the support of the Club and Dan who arranged the competitions. Many congratulations to all winners with prizes been spread widely across the membership. The competitions also saw excellent numbers of participants and the Committee thank you for the level of support. We can also report that membership of the Section now stands at record numbers. The Committee welcomes all new members and it is encouraging to see so many of you taking part in our competitions.

Unfortunately our League fixtures lost out to the pandemic. We were optimistic that we could play some matches but the logistics of arranging these against unknown factors made the process impossible so an early decision was taken to cancel. We did however manage to play a long standing friendly against Knott End. Again there were certain logistic issues in doing this on a home and away basis but thanks to the efforts of Kevin and Alan and their counterparts at Knott End and supported by the management of both Clubs the fixture went ahead. A and L trailed after the first leg away but a comphrensive home victory saw them winning the overall match. After a two year gap the magnificent Johnson Shield has now pride of place in the Clubhouse.

During the lockdown period the Seniors Committee kept in frequent contact using Zoom technology to the extent that Jimmy Caldwell now considers himself a Subject Matter Expert. We frequently discussed the possibility of adding some variety to our schedules but being long in the tooth couldn’t arrive at anything. Eventually we decided to use a current Management technique known as Thinking outside the Box. Now for the five of us the thinking process was difficult enough but when you add a box it was an almost impossible task. However we persevered and the result was the new format, which has been included within some of the Winter League comps. Unfortunately this thinking outside the box process had a devastating effect on our Secretary Alan Smith. Shortly after we had finished the process and whilst he was playing in one of our medal comps (white tees) he played off the yellows-not once but on two occasions thereby incurring four penalty shots and if that wasn’t bad enough the next week he forgot to hand in he and his playing partners score card which resulted in disqualification. We assume the thinking outside the box process has caused some form of trauma and as a consequence are treating him with a remedy going back to ancient Rome and known as digitum extractum or as it is known in Preston-get your finger out lad. We are pleased to say the remedy is working and in the wrong tee incident Alan is extremely appreciative of his playing partners-John Williams and Pat Haughian who ensured he made no further errors thereby limiting the damage to two holes (perhaps they are now considered as his golfing heroes) Alan’s disqualification was unfortunately matched by another from one of the Committee- Keith Aitchison. Keith’s disqualification was due to being late for his tee time in one of the Senior competitions. His reason for his lateness did not follow the norm- car failed to start, wrong time in diary etc. No the blame was placed on Lancashire County Council for their inconsiderate action in putting in some unannounced road works between Goosnargh and Preston on the day of the comp. As a result he arrived 5 minutes late, which incurred a 2-stroke penalty. However he decided to enter a protest- a process that took him past the 10-minute mark and automatic disqualification. We understand he has lodged a formal complaint with the Council in the knowledge that Newsletter would take great delight in reporting the incident.

 Despite everything Covid throws at us we must maintain our sense of humour. One of our Senior members was heard to say that he couldn’t wait for Covid 19 to be over so that he can go back to social distancing on his own terms. Wonder who that can be?

One of the symptoms of Covid 19 is having no taste. Looking back at his choice of golf attire and some of his playing partners Kevin Deveney is convinced he has been infected for years.

And back to Keith Aitchison again. When he checked with his local shop in Goosnargh what was required in order to visit he was told a mask and gloves were enough. What a shock when he went and found everybody else was fully clothed!!!

 Another huge shock for one of our Senior members who during lockdown stepped on his weighing scales one morning and they said-please maintain social distancing. One

person at a time.

And finally. It is highly likely that the Covid issue will be with us for some time and as such we must be patient and respect and adhere to the regulations. It is encouraging seeing our members, whether in the clubhouse or on the course, conducting themselves in such a way that they are mindful not only of their own safety but that of others.

Newsletter wishes everyone happy new handicaps from 1 November!

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